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Fragrance : A deep connection between sensation and sentiments

Life is all about spreading fragrance all around and making others' lives fragrant.

Late Mr. Noorahmed Gulamnabi Shaikh believed deeply in these words. He made fragrance the essence of his life, earned a name for himself and pioneered a thriving business of fragrance manufacturing that is now spreading its redolence across the world.

Today, thanks to the seeds that were sawn in 1965 by a visionary, Meena Fragrances has become a prominent and respectable name in the world of fragrances.

A passion well pursued

Mr. Noorahmed was fond of fragrance. He always wants to live among the fragrances. He inspired to blend his own fragrance. His will power was strong. He decided to make his own blend of distinct fragrances in 1964. He started to find the way to blend own fragrances. After very hard work and inventory he got succeed to blend own fragrance.

He started with procuring quality raw material, initially from all corners of India and then even from abroad. He used to procure varied types of natural essential oils, natural extracts, natural absolutes, resinoids, concretes and aroma chemicals etc and blend them to develop soul-steering fragrances.

In 1964, He began selling fragrances that he himself had developed.

And then, his hard work paid off. His unique and soothing fragrances became famous across India. People and perfume sellers used to come from different corners of India to buy the products of this man passionate about perfumery.

The legacy continues

By that time, the new generation of the family had started spreading its wings. Mr. Noorahmed called his four sons and gave them his treasure trove - a small chest full of fragrances and their secret formulas. More importantly, he was successful in passing on his passion to his sons.

In 2005, Mr. Noorahmed Gulamnabi Shaikh left for his heavenly, eternally fragrant abode, leaving his legacy to his four sons. His educated and equally passionate sons have accepted the responsibility to spread their father's fragrance and the business across India and beyond.

The sons decided to spread their father's passion for fragrances and take it to the heights it deserved.

And by that time, the world was evolving too. The sons, blessed with their father's rich heritage and equipped with new-age technologies, started growing the business rapidly.

Scaling new heights

The year 2006 proved to be a turning point, for this family run business of fragrances.

The family launched its own brand "Meena Fragrance" and started offering exclusive fragrances in luxurious roll-on packages.

Today, the brand "Meena Fragrances" offers more than 50 types of fragrances.

The family still develops the fragrances on its own, procuring the quality raw material from several European countries like Switzerland, France, Germany, and also from the US.

The brand "Meena Fragrance" has conquered almost entire India and is now spreading its redolence in the Gulf Countries as well as in the African Countries.

Fulfilling the dreams of Mr. Noorahmed, Meena Fragrances in now its way to be the top fragrance company in the world!

What makes Meena Fragrances Unique ?

  • Assured use of finest quality raw material
  • Completely pure and non-alcoholic
  • Assertion of uniquely developed fragrances
  • Passionate yet professional approach
  • Manufactured and Packed in a state-of- the-art set up
  • Crafted to achieve complete customer satisfaction

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